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The National Czechoslovakian Collectors Association filled our 3rd floor Pilsen Hall with tables of Collectors ItemsCzech art glass, ceramics, antique jewelry, and people passionate about Czech decorative arts for three days closing with a Saturday night Gala. Featured was CCMH member Jean Blaha Davis who gave a hilarious and enlightening talk on how she became a passionate collector of Czech Art objects. The convention closed with an hors d'oeuvre and wine reception and a delicious buffet to music provided by Herman Vacca.

Collectors Items

The second row first picture on the left is a display of CCMH's Ottervik Collection which was right at home with the art glass brought by CCA!
You can see more pictures and commentary here...
May Trip to Moravia - Read of the R&R and Exploits of Effie and Bill Rosene in residence at their home in Moravia though there is work for the CCMH accomplished at the same time. For example, we met with Vintners World Wide Importer of wines to the Czech Republic Karel Prusa III, Jakub Baranek, Jarek Slichta and wife Annie for a wine tasting of Jarek's 16 plus varieties of wines (someone has to do it). Mr. Prusa III is son of Karel Prusa II long time former director of Mikulov Vinopol until it was purchased by Bohemia Sekt of Prague. The father and son have formed an Import and export business catering to wine salons and the large Czech supermarkets like Tesco and Albert bringing to this country wines from all over the world including California, Chilean, Chinese and Australian. Jarek had set up the meeting to discuss the proverbial problem of our not having Czech wines imported to the U.S. and to try to interest an importer and distributor here to handle these fine wines. Mr. Prusa routinely buys his grapes from J+J Slichta vines as they continuously receive medal recognition for grapes from his vineyards. Do any our readers know of any distributors to interest? Read more...
Prague International Gifts Shop has collectibles for Graduation, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Wedding gifts, figurines, antique laces, icons, dreidels, pottery, porcelain, crystal, handmade jewelry, vintage jewelry, Swarovski crystal and garnet jewelry, puzzles, wooden toys, marionettes, books & cookbooks, textiles and much more. Try our fashionable women and men's Polka On T-shirt. This is a great opportunity for unique, hassle-free shopping with some reduced prices of up to 20%. Open daily Monday through Saturday, 10:00am to 4:00pm. Yes, we also ship. Call or email.
Antiques - Art Glass - Ceramics - Jewelry - Perfume Bottles - First Time Ever for Sale in Gifts Shop!
Antiques - Art Glass - Jewelry - Perfume Bottles
For your viewing and listening pleasure at the Czech Center Museum Houston:
  • CCMH Foyer - Hanak Biblical Times Ceramics Art Collection by Czech Karel Hanak highly awarded academic artist for bringing past history to the future, Art Nouveau Beveled glass doors and windows.
  • Wenceslas Chapel - Czech Crystal Chandeliers, Stained Glass Windows, Antique Castles/Chateau furniture, glass and porcelain and numerous collections in Brno Gallery; The Presidents Room including James and Danna Ermis ceramics collection.
  • Grand Staircase Landing features magnificent artworks of Houston's own John Pavlicek, showing regularly at Gremillion Gallery.
  • Czech Masters Alfons Mucha, Father of the Art Nouveau Movement and Kamil Kubik Impressionist landscape paintings fill the Prague Hall ballroom along with more Crystal Chandeliers.
  • The Ottervik Collection in Pilsen Hall Czechoslovakian Art Glass/Ceramics 1918 – 1938 – 1289 pieces!!
  • Coming soon curation of further paintings of renowned artist Kamil Kubik.
  • Coming soon a permanent exhibit of another early Czech immigrant rancher/farmer who came to America from Velky Ujezd, Czech lands then Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1903 – the Frank Joseph Tomek family to Cameron, Texas. The collection is provided by great great grandson Jacques Williams, former Czech Center Museum Houston scholarship awardee as gift of his grandparents Clem and Martha Vasicek Tomek, Cameron, Texas.
You are asked to consider a method for you to benefit financially by a 4½% Certificate Loan to the Czech Center Museum Houston and also to ask your consideration to perpetuate the assets of this loan and/or a Charitable Gift Annuity as a means to continue to support the organization, and if the time is right use one of these methods by a gift in your will. Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you in this endeavor and if you need additional information please call Bill at 713-528-2060.
Announcement! Czech Center Museum Houston Annual Fun and Fundraiser Gala August 25, 2012. Please plan to attend! CCMH Rental Venues, Prague Hall, Pilsen Hall and Brno Gallery are discounted 20% for advanced bookings through July 15, 2012. Come in for your booking. Call Events at 713-528-2060 or
The Heritage Musical, Heart of the Tin Trunk, which opened with rave reviews and sell-out crowds last summer, is back at Festival Institute, Round Top, Texas, July 27-29 and Aug. 3-5. The Broadway-style show, a celebration of life and ancestry, is not only entertainment but a story based on the real life of a 19th century Czech family in Central Texas. Through traditional and new music, dance and the magic of the stage, the show follows a young girl who thought she had all the answers after her university graduation. But it's her grandmother's old tin trunk with its quilt, a picture and a wedding dress, that leads to discovery of her heritage. Information: We highly recommend it. We loved it.
Czech Summer Language Courses in Olomouc. See: for details. Contact: Jitka Štecová -
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"Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of your life. You must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you." Anonymous

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