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January 2014 Topics
Charles Bridge
Announcing the New Year at Charles Bridge in Prague.
Happy 2014 to the World!
from original pastel of Kamil Kubik fine impressionist.
The late Maestro Kubik born in Olomouc, Czech Republic painted many parts of the world even Texas and for White House President George H.W. Bush designing his annual greeting cards and featured paintings in Bush's Presidential Library at Texas A&M while residing in New York City. Kubik's paintings were a major exhibit in Czech Center Museum Houston's grand opening events in mid February to mid March 2005. Numerous remain in our galleries. An artist for all people, his legacy, the Kubik Foundation, was launched in New York City in March 2012 with a mission to assist budding art students.
The Dechovka Moravska Jedenactka is coming to Houston!
The Czech Center Museum Houston announces
Concert, Dining and Dancing in Prague Hall
The Dechovka Moravska Jedenactka is coming to Houston! The Czech Foundation of Texas, in partnership with the University of North Texas College of Music and Dr. Tom Sovik, brings us one of the most popular dechovka of Moravia. The brass band is a Tom Sovikcommon feature in the life of Czechs. Beginning with the marching army bands, the style soon spread beyond the military to become the "Music of the People," and by the start of the last century, nearly every town and village had its own "dechovka." We are so appreciative Dr. Tom Sovik of the UNT Classical Music Department brings his special guests to Czech Center Museum Houston as well.
Join us Friday, January 17, 2014, in Concert at 6:30pm, Dinner served at 7:30pm, Music and Dancing resume until 9:30 pm. Admission is $35.00 including complimentary Valet Parking. RSVP to Effie Rosene 713.528.2060 or please, by January 12, 2014.

Thanks to Friends of the Czech Center Museum Houston who made an End of the Year 2013 contribution to CCMH's Endowment Fund Appeal. We are grateful to the supporters who have helped our museum become one of Houston's treasured gems who sent an end of the year 2013 gift. Our organization embracing all cultures, fills the need to help individuals realize how their heritage is important in their lives in making them Citizens of the World. These people recognized in their generous and thoughtful gifts that it is always appropriate at the year's end to review one's Charitable Giving. They recognized this critical component of support to establish an endowment to allow CCMH continue its mission in Perpetuity for the Generations of the Future and for History. The Endowment Fund Appeal is necessary for funds beyond basic admission and membership dues. This effort continues, so please consider Gifts to the Endowment Fund 2014 at this time. The Endowment Campaign Committee currently consists of 100% participation of the Board of Directors under the leadership of Harry Mach. Please ask what you too can do to help this honorable cause. Note: Check with your tax advisor to see if Qualified Charitable Donations made until January 31, 2014 are eligible tax deductions for the tax year 2013 reported on Line 15 of Form 1040, with the full amount of the distribution shown on Line 15a. Do not enter any of these amounts on Line 15b, but instead, write "QCD" next to that line. Your gift may be made on-line right here, or make a check payable to CCMH.
The following generous individuals and families are Endowment Fund for Perpetuity Sponsors to date (noted in red are contributors added since the last notice in December): 10,000 to 25,000 Marek Family Foundation+, Mary & Frank Pokluda*, Laverne Nash*, Cynthia Gdula & Charles Westervelt*, Lorraine Rod Green**, Chris Hlavinka**, Rosene Family*. 5,000 to 10,000+ Larry & Cathy Rosene Anderson, Robert Janak, Emil Kovalcik, Charles Kubin, Lindsey & Sherry Rosene Pierce. 1,000 to 5,000+ Eva Maria Bartoskova Campo, Adelma Graham, Eric & Christie Rosene Johnson, Mark & Betty Kubala, Kerry Mazoch, Edward & Sandra Jircik Pickett, Rudolf Rusnak, Glenn Sternes 500 to 1,000+ Purvis & Lynne Harper, Danette Cornelius, Ann & Bert Link#, James & Jeanette Mallory, Tammy Mikeska, Charlotte Matula, Jean Stratton, Albert & Margaret Smaistrla, Henry Tyroch, William Vavrik, Gladys Oakley. 200 to 500+ Joy Koym Balderach, Cathy Jankovic, Dan & Suzanne Kubin, Alma Berger, T.P. & Burnette Boyett, Larry Janak, Cecilia Forrest, Jere & Sue Wallace. 0 to 100+ Jerry & Anna Brannan, Tim Opatrny, Virginia Hodge, Eddie Janek Sr., Harper & Pearson, Emil Ogden, Jane Cyva, John & Frances Istvan, Stephen Hlavinka, Jean Humlicek, Clare Kollaja, Emil & Connie Stavinoha, Barry & Marian Malac, Norman & Tracey Zetka, Veronica Frost, Jean Humlicek, Wayne Shandera, MD, Agnes Shimanek.
+ Response to appeal & pledge; * Certificate Loan Surrender; ** Legacy Gift; # Certificate Loan Interest Deposit;
+/- Endowment to date $140,000
Praha Bohemia – My Journal by Robert Janak
Honorary Board Member Robert JanakSunday, June 26, 1977 Praha. The museum's collection emphasized the town's Hussite heritage. Zlutice was a Hussite center in west Bohemia, because in the Middle Ages it was a Czech island in a sea of German colonization. The museum was small, and its collection was sparse. It had one magnificent item, however, the Zlutice Kancional, which was finished in 1568. The songbook is a huge, beautiful volume with colorful miniatures and pages embossed in gold. The 494-page volume weighs thirty-two kilograms. Robert wrote in the Museum's Journal: "We Czech Americans of Texas greatly appreciate how you have preserved our common heritage. This bolsters our pride in our past and strengthens the bond we still feel with our mother country. Our two countries share so much in common; we hope the friendship between our two nations and the brotherhood between our one people shall endure forever." Friday, July 1, 1977 Praha. The last night of my three-summer sojourn. These three summers have had a marked effect on me. They have made me see the importance of preserving something of Czech heritage in Texas. We are Americans and should be Americans first, but we have a special heritage that we should understand and appreciate. That heritage does not differentiate us from other Americans. But our forefathers made great contributions to Western civilization centuries ago that have been either forgotten or attributed to other people. In understanding our Czech heritage we can understand more fully our Western civilization and appreciate the contributions made to it by our pradedkove [grandfathers]. I plan to work towards that preservation. However, it is a fantasy to think we can revive the Czech language in Texas with a few hours study in school. These three summers have also made me see more clearly my place in life. It lies with my students, in trying to help develop them into humane, enlightened men and women. I have seen so many results of hatred and ignorance, from concentration camps built by the Nazis to anti-Western propaganda built by the communists. The camps enslaved men bodily. The posters, headlines and broadcasts are an attempt to enslave men's minds. I have seen so much narrow-mindedness and so many violations of the truth. I have also seen what a man can create through love for a higher ideal, through dedication to a cause and through pride in himself. I see the great things that can still come out of America, and I want to help prepare my students for their participation in that greatness.
Ed: Excerpts from June in Bohemia - 1977 - Prague and Czechoslovakia - August 2013. You are welcome to peruse his very interesting journal in our Jan Amos Komensky Library. Robert Janak, Educator, Author, Historian of All things Czech, is a Spanish teacher in Beaumont, Texas. He is a Founder member of the Czech Center Museum Houston since March 1999, An Honorary Board Member.
Easter Eggs from Czechoslovakia
Member Adelma Graham writes: In the spring of 1957 I was teaching in a United States Dependent School in Wiesbaden, Germany. Easter break was coming up and another teacher and I signed up to take a short Service Club trip to Czechoslovakia. We left by bus on a Thursday afternoon after school. We drove on the autobahn to Nurnberg and from there to the Czech border, where we arrived about 1:00am. We were not allowed to cross the border until dawn. From the bus we could see the top of the hill with a barrier over the border crossing. We dozed. Eventually the sky lightened with dawn, and we saw the barrier with the lighter background.
  Finally with dawn we were told we would be able to cross the border. We surrendered our passports to the tour manager. Then we were told that all of us were to get off the bus. Outside was a man from the Czech Tourist Office who greeted us and told us that he was there to see that we would see all the things that we were there to see. Our names were called one by one as our passports were returned to us. The Czech Tour Guide shook our hands and studied our faces carefully before we got back on the bus.
  The bus proceeded on its way to Pilsen. We could see the many metal watch towers along the border. The border was clearly marked with large metal objects that looked like enormous jacks tossed on top of one another as they spread around the border of Czechoslovakia. The watch towers were manned with guards who with field glasses and other scopes were there to see that no one crossed the border into Czechoslovakia.
  In Pilsen we stopped at the famous Pilsen brewery and were treated to samples of the famous Pilsen beer. It was ten o'clock in the morning, and after a night on a bus it was not the best time to enjoy a glass of beer.
  We did see the famous sights in Prague and also visited Karlovy Vary, home of some of the beautiful Czech crystal. The Czech countryside was beautiful, a lot of green everywhere.
  Sights that I will always remember are the gray streets in Prague. Street cars going down the main streets with the red stars on the front of them. Very few cars and most of them old. The people dressed in what seemed to be one of the five different styles of trench coats that were everywhere. There were no smiles on faces. The hair of women was very drab with no highlights. This made me very sad because I had heard one of the German teachers talk about visiting Prague before the war and commenting that the women were so beautifully dressed. She said that the city was next to Paris in bright lights and exciting places to go. What a contrast to what I was seeing.
  On a sunlit Sunday morning while walking on cobblestones to see the St. Vitus Cathedral and the castle, a man brushed my shoulder and in good English said, as he quickly walked ahead, "I want you to know that we are not all communists here." We did see the main sights. Prague is a beautiful old city, not damaged by bombs during the war. I have been there several times since that first trip. With freedom, change was very quick to take place. It was amazing to see the difference a free economy makes in comparison to a communist one.
  I had taken an empty egg carton from the commissary in Wiesbaden to carry some eggs back with me. The eggs are still in that egg carton. Over all these years, only one got broken. I have enjoyed displaying them at Easter.
Ed: Dec. 31, 2013 - Adelma Chernosky Graham presented that small egg carton with eggs from 1957 along with a $1,000 gift check to the Czech Center Museum Houston End of Year 2013 Endowment Fund Appeal for the Houston Museum's Perpetuity, to stand for generations of the Future and History. She has been a CCMH member since May, 2000.
You are welcome to view this organization's 2011 IRS Form 990 available on the Guidestar website. Note this organization's name on filing was the Czech Cultural and Community Center, which now does business as the Czech Center Museum Houston. Click this link.
Interested Members may also view financial records by appointment.
Czech Language Online Daily  It would be impossible not to learn from these simple distinct lessons. Try it now! or
An Irish Toast: There are good ships, And there are wood ships, The ships that sail the sea, But the best ships are Friendships - And may they always be.
Highlight of the Year 2013. The Czech Center Museum Houston, together with a capital grant from The Houston Endowment, completed the finish of the third floor Pilsen Hall which is an exciting, vitally new venue for the organization in which to present educational programs, meetings and receptions. The completed portion occupies two-thirds of the floor space with a phenominal view of midtown and the downtown Houston skyline looking North. Internally, the room will hold six Czech chandeliers in keeping with the style and décor of the entire Museum. We will seek funding to complete the remaining portion for use of additional personnel to present educational programs and exhibits.
Progress pictures of ceiling finish of third floor Kloess Pilsen Hall. Thanks to a grant from Houston Endowment. Left: Project begins, Middle picture project in progress and final picture shows completed project.
Shari Kubin Hart wears her Czech antique garnet ring and bracelet from CCMH gift shop. Jon Conlon & Marie Man; Donna & Robert Dvorak at Volunteers' Party 12/31/13. Christmas Morning 2013 at the new condo. No fireplace for the family stockings!
Rev. Paul Chovanec and Adelma Chernosky Graham Volunteers Party 12/31/13; Volunteers Party 12/31/13 l to r; Cathy Rosene Anderson, Sherry Rosene Pierce; James and Danna Ermis; Antique Zither Display in Presidents Room
This row far left: Nativity Scene at St. Vincent de Paul Christmas 2013; Wall Mural depicting scene of Charles Bridge in Prague in progress photo to be completed this month. By agreement, the scene is painted on a bare wall of our neighbor's business.
Thoughts for the New Year 2014
Merry Christmas artist sign hanging in the gift shop window. Bob & Annette Jurca Triska and Ceci Poydras Triska. Three little Czech beauties
Merry Christmas artist sign hanging in the gift shop window. Bob & Annette Jurca Triska and Ceci Poydras Triska. Three little Czech beauties
Merry Christmas artist sign hanging in the gift shop window. Bob & Annette Jurca Triska and Ceci Poydras Triska. Three little Czech beauties
Books Available in Prague International Gift Shop. These are must reads. They are great gifts to all ages!
Texas Czech Polka Bands by CCMH Members Jimmy Brosch with Theresa Cernoch Parker
Rustic Baroque - A novel by Jiri Hajicek - Set in South Bohemia about a decade after the Velvet Revolution.
Border Crossings - A Memoir that Reads Like a Thriller! by Charles Novacek.
Prague, My Long Journey Home - by Charles Ota Heller. A memoir of Survival, Denial and Redemption providing a window into one Czech American's experiences!
The Czech Pioneers of the Southwest by Dr. Henry R. Maresh - a must read for research of your genealogy.
Living Longer Than Hate - W. J. Bill Morgan's life, a Story of Survival and Success by C.S. Ragsdale, PhD.
Fields of Light, A Son Remembers His Heroic Father by CCMH Member Joseph Hurka.
For information on these books and to order, call: 713.528.2060 or visit our website.
2014 Calendar of Events:
12/31/13  Volunteer Party, ushering in the New Year 2014
1/17/14  Dechovka (Brass) Orchestra from the Czech Republic. Concert, Dinner and Dance 6:30 to 9:30pm.
2/14  St. Valentine's Day
3/8  Annual Members and Friends Dinner
8/23  Annual Benefit Gala, honoring Monica Pope, Restaurateur.
9/4  Ten-Year Anniversary - Czech Center Museum Houston opened the doors to the world in the Museum District.
Report on the Endowment Fund Campaign.
10/25  Czech Oktober Fest - National Czech Slovak Day Democracy October 28, 1918.
11/17  Remembering the Velvet Revolution November 17th Czechoslovakia's end of communism in 1989.
11/  51st Slavic Festival - Date to be determined
12/6  St. Nicholas Eve Celebration
12/31  Celebrating Volunteers and ushering in the New Year.
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"Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of your life. You must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you." Anonymous

"Those that say that individuals are not capable of changing anything are only looking for excuses."
Václav Havel

"To forget one's ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root."
Chinese and Czech Proverb

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