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February 2014 Topics - Bill Souchek and The Endowment Fund
Listening and watching the Treble Choir performance. l to r: New Board Member Caroline Freeman (in profile), Marion Freeman, Cindy Freeman, Fr. Paul Chovanec, Cecilia Forrest Houston's Treble Choir of delightful school youngsters entertained.
Members and Friends Annual Meeting and Dinner. Saturday, March 1, 2014, The Czech Center Museum Houston in the Museum District, 4920 San Jacinto Street, Houston, Texas 77004, presented its Twentieth Annual Members and Friends A Dinner Meeting Spring Festival with Music, Bazaar Treasures and Auction and Art Sale Benefitting the Museum's Endowment Ten Years - Ten Million and Houston's Musical Youth, The Treble Choir. The evening honored William E. Bill Souchek. Special Guests from the Czech Republic were introduced.
Benefitting the Museum Endowment Appeal (Ten Years – Ten Million and Houston's Musical Youth, the Treble Choir) the Twentieth Members and Friends Annual Dinner Meeting, a Spring Festival with Music, Flowers, Bazaar Treasures, Auction and Fine Art Sale commenced in Kloess Pilsen Hall at 5:30pm with cocktails and butler passed hors d'oeuvres reception and lovely music of our virtuoso Herman Vacca on the 1928 Baby Grand ESTEY piano. At 6:30pm in Hanus Prague Hall, the angelic voices of The Treble Choir directed by Russian born Anna Maria Parnas-Stevenson fascinated the appreciative crowd with a thirty minute charming concert. The well-traveled singers of 11 to 15 years age of boys and girls will perform in New York's Carnegie Hall in June.
The Twentieth Members and Friends Annual Meeting and Dinner
   Following, the former 2007 Miss Texas Czech Marianne Beran Terrell (she and Kenny are new CCMH Members) sang the Czech national anthem, Father Paul's rendition of the Slovak Hymn and the American Anthem led by the Children's Chorale, then Benediction; Dinner was served with a Becherovka Toast Honoring our Mentor, Educator Friend Wm. E. Bill Souchek with "his girls" Julie Souchek and Carol Christian present. Czech Republic visitors from Brno, Marie Slamova, travel guide, Marta and Jaroslav Peprla, MD. Internal Medicine and Oncologist and Ruzenka Peroutkova were introduced. The silent auction and artist Treena Rowan's original textile paintings prevailed until a brief business meeting took place with Caroline Freeman and Albert Smaistrla appointed to Board positions 12 and 13. The CCMH is proud to have them both serve. The Endowment Appeal was noted specifically to begin the Celebration of Ten Years in the Museum District and Ten Million to ensure the CCMH will be here 500 years from now commemorating those who came, stayed and made a difference, offering a Museum which connects People to Heritage, History and the World. Please note our series of events first September 5, 2014 the Apollo Chamber Players sponsored by Beryl Hogshead honoring her father from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Tom Rowan presenting STEM – Science, Technology Engineering and Math – to ages 9 to 12 youths plus much more. Stay connected.
   Our piano virtuoso Mr. Vacca continued his lovely musical arrangements on the Czech baby grand Petrof made in Hradec Kralove while guests enjoyed dinner, watched their bids on unique items, and learned of the plethora of events associated with our Ten Year's Celebration of the Museum in Houston's Museum District to Heritage, History and the World with our Endowment Appeal for Perpetuity. The outside painted mural of Charles Bridge was proudly noted. We are always energized at the enjoyment of those present and miss those not here because of the calls to so many other interests including Mardi Gras and the famous Houston Rodeo.
Ed: Submitted by Effie M. Rosene
Czech Center Museum Houston – Saturday March 1, 2014 – Election by the Members
   The revised articles allow thirteen (13) members of the Board of Directors for the Czech Caroline Freeman and Albert SmaistriaCenter Museum Houston. As there were presently eleven (11) sitting members of the Board, a Motion was presented to the Board to fill the two vacant positions with persons of note to add strength to the Board and even some new thoughts and ideas of how we move forward and fulfill our Mission in the future. The Motion made by Chairman Rosene, seconded by Board Member Miller, after a diligent search, proposed the names of two individuals for consideration of board membership to be presented to the General Membership Meeting, (Members and Friends Dinner) on March 1, 2014. The Motion was approved by the Board to present Caroline Freeman for position number 12 and Albert Smaistrla for position number 13. Chairman Rosene presented the candidates to Members present, who voted them to join the Board of Directors.
   Caroline Freeman, COO Colliers International, a firm that provides a full range of services to investors, property owners, tenants and developers. She has worked for the firm for over twenty years starting as a part-time bookkeeper. Her mother, Marion Merseburger Freeman is one of our Honorary Board Members, a long-time supporting member. Caroline is a Rice University graduate, a Founder, supporting member since December 2000.
   Albert Smaistrla, East Bernard, Texas a Retired Postmaster, now RVOS Home, Farm and Ranch insurance sales agent and a Founder supporting member of the organization since February 1999. His Czech Moravian ancestors settled in Hackberry, Texas in 1860.
   They were welcomed by Chairman Rosene as newly elected Board members
The Dialogue Institute of the Southwest presents a Dinner of Abrahamic Traditions at the Czech Center Museum Houston, April 10, 2014 from 6:30 – 8:30pm. You will meet people from different faiths and cultures, listen to and interact with three distinguished speakers fromChristianity, Father Reginald Samuels; Judaism, Rabbi Dinner of Abrahamic TraditionsSamuel Karff and Islam, Mr. Ali Candir; moderator, Reverend Paul Chovanec, in one of the most beautiful places reflecting Houston's diversity. Prophet Abraham is known for his generosity. It is narrated that his house had four doors welcoming everybody from South, North, East, and West. Following his tradition, Dialogue Institute invites you to join other Houstonians to have dinner with people from different faiths.
   It has been suggested that the phrase, "Abrahamic religion," may simply mean that all these religions come from one spiritual source. Christians refer to Abraham as a "father in faith." There is an Islamic religious term, Millat Ibrahim (faith of Ibrahim), indicating that Islam sees itself as having practices tied to the traditions of Abraham. Jewish tradition claims descending from Abraham, and adherents follow his practices and ideals as the first of the three spiritual "fathers" or biblical Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Ed: Source Wikipedia
   The Czech Center Museum Houston invites you to join the discussion on interaction of these three faiths to increase understanding of each as Houston has 104 distinct heritages! One of the major cultural groups in Houston is the Turkish community. As this community is relatively young in age and new to Houston and Texas with their predominant Muslim faith, many are wary of this community after having limited knowledge due to fundamentalism. With the study of Abrahamic Traditions (Christian, Jewish and Muslim) meetings it is the goal to consider faith differences to dispel any misconceptions concerning these differences. In order to foster cross-cultural understanding, we propose to work in concert with the Dialogue Institute of Houston and host a three-speaker public discussion to highlight differences and commonalities in faith and culture. For inquiries: and/or to register for tickets and information: click here.
The following generous individuals and families are Endowment Fund for Perpetuity Appeal 2014 Sponsors to date (noted in red are contributors added since the last notice in February): $10,000 to $25,000 Marek Family Foundation+, Mary & Frank Pokluda*, Laverne Nash*, Cynthia Gdula & Charles Westervelt*, Lorraine Rod Green**, Chris Hlavinka**, Wesley Pustejovsky*, Rosene Family*. $5,000 to $10,000+ Larry & Cathy Rosene Anderson, Robert Janak, Emil Kovalcik, Charles Kubin, Lindsey & Sherry Rosene Pierce. $1,000 to $5,000+ Eva Maria Bartoskova Campo, Adelma Graham, Grace & Bill England, Burdine, Johnson & Christopher Venghiattis, Eric & Christie Rosene Johnson, Mark & Betty Kubala, Kerry Mazoch, Edward & Sandra Jircik Pickett, Rudolf Rusnak, Betti Saunders, Marilyn Sikora, Glenn Sternes. $500 to $1,000+ Purvis & Lynne Harper, Danette Cornelius, Ann & Bert Link#, James & Jeanette Mallory, Tammy Mikeska, Charlotte Matula, Jean Stratton, Albert & Margaret Smaistrla, Henry Tyroch, William Vavrik, Gladys Oakley. $200 to $500+ Joy Koym Balderach, Cathy Jankovic, Dan & Suzanne Kubin, Alma Berger, T.P. & Burnette Boyett, Cecilia Forrest, Larry Janak, Jere & Sue Wallace. $0 to $199 Jerry & Anna Brannan, Jane Cyva, Veronica Frost, Tomas Hart, Stephen Hlavinka, Virginia Hodge, Jean Humlicek, John & Frances Istvan, Eddie Janek Sr., James & Amelia Kaluza, Clare Kollaja, Barry & Marian Malac, Harper & Pearson, Emil Ogden, Tim Opatrny, Wayne Shandera, MD, Agnes Shimanek, Emil & Connie Stavinoha, Norman & Tracey Zetka.
+ Response to appeal & pledge; * Certificate Loan Surrender; ** Legacy Gift; # Certificate Loan Interest Deposit;
+/- Endowment to date $218,500

   Thanks to Friends of the Czech Center Museum Houston who have made a contribution to CCMH Endowment Fund 2014 Appeal. We are grateful to these supporters who will help our museum remain one of Houston's treasured gems and who have recognized in their generous and thoughtful gifts this critical component of support to establish an Endowment to allow CCMH to continue its mission for future generations. The Endowment will relieve the constant striving for funds over, above and beyond basic admission and membership dues. This effort continues, so please consider Gifts to the Endowment Fund 2014 at this time. Your gift may be made on-line right here, or make a check payable to CCMH.
The Significance of Art, Humanity and History. Samuel Prison LifeBretschneider, a PhD. in Vienna, Austria was inducted into the Austrian army and made an officer during the First World War. He was assigned to the prisoner of war camp at Mauthausen, where he had a position of authority over the prisoners. He was a very humane and decent man, and he treated the prisoners well. In gratitude, one prisoner, K. Siřinek, painted two small works for him in 1915, based on life in the camp. As Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. Daniel Musher of Houston, Texas stated, "I think they are very lovely works, with an interesting story." Dr. Bretschneider passed these works along to his son, whose widow, Mrs. Rita Bardor, donated to the Czech Center Museum Houston on February 11, 2014. The donor, also from Vienna, lived in Paris, Israel, Mexico and Houston. The artist K. Siřinek is clearly a Czech name who survived Mauthausen only to perish in Auschwitz. The gift to the commandant speaks volumes of Dr. Bretschneider's character. Mauthausen in World War II was a major concentration camp of the era.
Elsie Sebek Roznovsky, November 27, 1920 - March 14, 2014. Elsie Sebek Roznovsky, 93, died peacefully on Elsie Sebek RoznovskyMarch 14, 2014. Elsie was born on November 27, 1920 in Caldwell, Texas. Her family moved to the Cypress-Fairbanks area at the age of two, graduated from Reagan High School in Houston and worked for Weingarten's Grocery, then the Spring Branch Independent School District until her retirement. During World War II, Elsie would attend dances for the servicemen at Ellington Field AFB. There she met Louis Roznovsky and they were married in 1945. Elsie was an active member of the S.P.J.S.T. Lodge 88 where she held positions on various committees and enjoyed the numerous social gatherings with many of her friends. She also enjoyed traveling with family and friends, especially to Las Vegas. She is preceded in death by her husband of 52 years, Louis Roznovsky, her parents Albert Sebek, Sr. and Barbara Sebek, her sister, Rosie Mrosko and her brothers, Frank, Jerry, George and Albert, Jr. Elsie is survived by son and daughter-in-law, Vincent and Robin Roznovsky of Cypress, grandson and grand daughter-in-law, Chris and Megan Roznovsky of The Woodlands. She is also survived by three sisters-in-law, Faye Sebek of Houston, Billie Sebek of Sugar Land and Mary Roznovsky of Houston as well as four nieces and four nephews and their families. She was buried in Woodlawn Garden of Memories. In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting donations be made in her memory to Therapy Pet Pals, Czech Center Museum Houston or The Macular Degeneration Foundation.
   Special Memories of My Great Aunt Elsie who was the 4th child of Barbora Kuglova and Vojtech Sebek who immigrated to the United States at the turn of the 20th century. They were both Bohemians. Barbora came from Domazlice and Vojtech came from Kladno. At the time of Elsie's birth in 1920, her father was a baker in Caldwell,Texas. Elsie always had fond memories of her father baking rohliky, kolace, and buchty. By 1923, the Sebek family moved to the Cy-Fair area of Houston where they ultimately settled on their farm. Elsie had 4 brothers, Frank, Jerry, George and Albert. She had one sister, Rosie Sebek Mrosko. Rosie was my grandmother. She and Elsie were close sisters. When they started school, they could hardly speak English. At home only Czech was spoken.
   Once she made her way to Houston, Elsie frequented the Stefanik Lodge in Cottage Grove, Sokol Houston and the old Pokrok Lodge off North Main. She and all of the family held tight to their Czech Heritage. I grew up hearing many family stories from Elsie, because I lost my grandmother Rosie when I was 5 years old. Elsie was always fun to be around. Whenever I visited her at her home in Spring Branch, she always made sure I was well fed and she always had dessert waiting for us. When I was the appropriate age, she made sure I had a pivo (beer) or a glass of vino (wine) in hand. She was always the life of the party!
   Elsie would tell stories of having to milk cows before and after school when she was young. The family was able to be self-sustaining during the Great Depression. They had hogs to butcher, cows to milk, chickens for eggs, and a vegetable garden. Elsie's mom would often bake a duck for Sunday dinner. To this day, we have the crock that they used to make their own sauerkraut. Her dad used to tell the children about Slivovice (Czech Plum Brandy) and how it would knock their hats off!
   Elsie's first job outside of the farm was at a Weingarten Store on Washington Ave. in Houston. She became a manager of the candy department. We all have visions of Elsie working the department as Lucille Ball would work the candy factory on her TV show! Some in the family nicknamed her, "Lucy" because of her similar beauty and personality. Elsie had that fun sense of humor that we all loved. I have had a special bond with Elsie over the years. I have always admired her strength as she managed to get through tough times. Her husband, Louis Roznovsky, passed away the very same night as my grandmother Rosie. Their funerals occurred one after the other on the same day. We believe that strong, hard-working Czech upbringing sustained Elsie over the past 17 years.
   Elsie would speak much about the Czech heritage. She made sure I knew where my family came from. I remember special moments of her teaching me how to pronounce Czech words. Not knowing the meaning of the words, I would read her letters from family in the Czech Republic. She would translate. Always excited and proud, she would come to watch me sing with Kovanda's Czech Band. I feel so privileged to have had those fond moments with her. I know we will share even more stories in the life to come.
   Eliska, to není sbohem, ale nashledanou. Elsie, this is not goodbye, but see you later.
Ed: Remembrance by Christiana Gentry. We thank member Christiana 2008 Czech Queen CHSHC and mother, Cindy Mrosko Gentry.
Register Now! Join the Festivities! Coming Soon: The Apollo Chamber Players and European Folkscapes. Friday, September 5, 2014 - 7:30pm. Commencing the celebration of "10 Years – 10 Million!" Apollo Chamber PlayersGrowing an Endowment Appeal for Perpetuity. First of a series of Cultural Events in Houston's Museum District Mid-September through Mid-October. Celebrating Ten Years since Opening the Baroque Palace on September 1, 2004. A museum connecting People to Heritage, History and the World.
   The Czech Center Museum Houston invites you to Brno Gallerie, Prague Hall, and Pilsen Hall
Ed:The Apollo Chamber Players are a quartet of string musicians who studied at Rice University's Shepherd School of Music and recently made their Carnegie Hall debut. The Chamber is sponsored by CCMH member Beryl Hogshead in memory of her immigrant father Louis Andor Komjathy who was born September 15, 1898 in the Austrian Hungarian Empire.
Register Now! STEM Presentation by CCMH Member, Tom Rowan, NASA Scientist/Engineer, September 6, 2014 in Pilsen Hall. Interesting presentation on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for ages 9 to 12, but everyone is invited to learn why so important in this day and age.
Remembrances of William E. Souchek 1905 – 2004 Shared in Last Issue!
William E. SouchekWe must not forget the ones we "stood on their shoulders" to reap where we are today! Our friend Bill Souchek was one of those whose friendship and advice has "stood us in good stead" and now ten years since his passing we will celebrate ten years on September 1, 2014 of the opening of the building which he and many significant others helped to achieve.
Here is another one - Dorothy Bujnoch’s Memories of Bill Souchek:
  Where do I begin and how can my words do justice to this wonderful person? We had the good fortune of living just a few blocks from Bill and Alice Souchek in Westbury. In fact, we did not know until later he had done the appraisal on our house when he was working for Prudential. I’ve already forgotten how we first met, sometime in the 1970’s. My interest in genealogy had led to discovering long lost relatives of my husband’s in the Czech lands. That is a long story in itself which I won’t elaborate on now, only to say that after receiving documents from the Czech Archives in 1976 we yearned to visit Czechoslovakia and especially Moravia where George’s family originated.  But would the language be a problem? Read more...
International Olympic Committee Honors Czech Sokol Organization. The Czech Olympic Committee held a festive meeting at the Prague Castle on January 16th, 2014. The nominated Czech sportsman for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games was announced. The International Olympic Committee honored the Czech Sokol Organization for its 150 years of promoting sports for all and the Olympic ideals. Sister Hana Mouchkova, president of CSO, accepted a bronze bust of Piere de Couberin, founder of the Modern Olympic Games. It is inscribed "Sport a School for Life."
   Czech president, Milos Zeman and Czech Olympic Committee president extended congratulations to CSO. They were joined by various sports federations and organizations which extended greeting e-sokol-leden2014 Translated by Paul Lebloch
Cold War Habits in the Czech Republic - Deer are still staying on their respective sides of the former Iron Curtain 25 years after the electrified border fences were removed at the end of the Cold War. The animals were fitted with the radio collars along the border of Germany's Bavaria region and the now Czech Republic during a six-year study. "Deer on the Czech side of the Bohemian Forest wander no farther than where barbed wire used to mark the restricted area along the national border," said Czech zoologist Pavel Sustr, who headed the study. Only a handful of deer were found to be wandering a short distance across the border. It's believed that female deer pass on territorial boundaries to their young from generation to generation.
Thanks to beneficence of deceased member Naomi Kostom Spencer, her spirit and memory lives on by her gift to the CCMH of a beautiful baby grand Estey Piano now housed proudly in Pilsen Hall. It was the first gift she purchased Baby Grand Estey Pianoin the U.S.
   The Estey Piano & Organ Company was one of the most important players in the late 19th and early 20th Century Piano & Organ manufacturing business. Established in 1846, Estey was one of the few American manufacturers to survive over a century. By the 19th Century, Estey was the largest producer of organs in the world. In the late 19th Century, The Estey Organ Company purchased the Simpson & Proddow Piano Company of New York City, changing it to the now famous Estey Piano & Organ Company. For decades, Estey manufactured several lines of upright pianos, player pianos and grand pianos. Estey instruments are known far and wide as being exceptionally well made, durable instruments, and they are well worth restoration and preservation today. Production under the Estey name was discontinued sometime in the 1970s.
Brooks Lobkowicz, President of the American Friends for the Preservation of Czech Culture, announced that her The Lobkowiczs - Brooks, Martin, and Son Williamhusband, Martin Maximilian George Lobkowicz of Dover, Massachusetts, died January 4, 2014, at the age of eighty-five. He was born in London, the eldest son of Prince and Princess Maximilian Lobkowicz and raised in Czechoslovakia. At the outbreak of WWII, his family fled to London where his father was Ambassador to the Court of St. James, representing the Czech government in exile. In 1940, Mr. Lobkowicz was sent to the United States under the auspices of Miss Sylvia Warren of Dover, Massachusetts. After graduation from Milton Academy and Harvard College (Class of 1951), he enlisted in the U.S. Army and saw combat in Korea as an infantry officer. Later, he worked as a stockbroker, retiring in 2013. Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle was built in the 16th century.After the Velvet Revolution of 1989, Mr. and Mrs. Lobkowicz and their son William Nelahozeves Castle located in a village of the same name is fifteen miles from Prague on the Vitava River.actively participated in a series of restitution laws passed under the inspired leadership of Czech President, Vaclav Havel, to recover the family's castles and art collections stolen by the Nazis and then the Communists. Financed privately and especially through charitable donations, the collections were returned and are being restored. Museums have been opened at Nelahozeves Castle and The Lobkowicz Palace, where scholars and the general public have access to a rich cultural heritage spanning seven centuries. He leaves his wife of 62 years, Margaret Brooks (Juett); a brother Dominik; sons Martin, John, and William; a daughter Margaret; his grandchildren, Elisabeth, Richard, William, Ileana and Sophia Lobkowicz; and granddaughters, Mary and Hope Masri. A memorial service will be held at Dover Church in Dover, Massachusetts Sunday, April 13, 2014 at 1:00pm.
Ed: Published in The New York Times on Jan. 12, 2014
The American Friends for the Preservation of Czech Culture was founded after the communist's departure in 1989 when the Lobkowicz family gradually regained possession of their Czech properties, and all of the moveable assets were declared "cultural monuments," and therefore not allowed to leave the country. The collections are being preserved and the collections are being opened to the public for the first time in the family's 700 year history.
We send our prayers and condolences to the Lobkowicz family. Brooks and Martin have since the late 1990s been graciously supportive of our endeavor here in Houston, Texas, and we are incredulous and admiring of the centuries of Art and Artifacts they have preserved for Perpetuity in Nelahozeves and Prague.
They called him "Žižka" - the one-eyed. A grizzled warrior, he rose from service as a mere bodyguard at the court Zizkaof King Wenceslas to lead armies of peasant men and women. The entire kingdom took notice when his four hundred soldiers with flails and farm wagons fought the Iron Lords, two thousand mounted knights wielding lances and swords. All Europe shook to its foundations when his badly outnumbered troops battled the pope's crusaders, one of the largest armies the continent had ever seen. Could Žižka unite his country and its medieval social classes in time to stave off wave after wave of invading armies? Could the love of a widowed queen save him at his most desperate moment? His brother and loyal friends too must help him overcome a devastating wound, a quick temper, and antagonists at every turn – an unyielding pope, a vicious emperor, and treacherous royalists. Most of his allies among the nobility eventually turned against Žižka as well, because of his advocacy of women and justice among the classes.
   Žižka's calls to battle would echo on and on. Then the legend would begin.
   The front cover depicts the head of the monumental statue of Jan Žižka on Vitkov Hill in Prague. This bronze sculpture by Bohumil Kafka is said to be the largest equestrian statue in the world. Photograph by Jaromír Dvořák, Jr., of Nový Bor, courtesy of Dr. Pavel Douša, Director of the Historical Museum of the Czech Republic National Museum (Národní Muzeum).
About the Author - Jim Fuxa was a professor of invertebrate pathology and scientist who authored or co-authored books, chapters for edited works, journal papers, and reports to governmental agencies. He served on the editorial boards of four scientific journals and presented invited lectures in more than a dozen countries on five continents, including a U.S. Congressional briefing. Fuxa now writes historical fiction. He is a member of the Czech Center Museum Houston.
   This historical novel of Revolution in medieval Bohemia – the Kingdom consisting of Bohemia, Moravia, Lusatia and Silesia in the 15th Century is the fruition of many years of research of the country of the author's Czech ancestors' birth their having immigrated to North America in 1869 – 1875.
Ed: If you like History, Suspense and Realism, you will love this book. Better yet, go visit Prague to see Žižka on his horse at the National Museum to live it! It's a fascinating read. Effie M. Rosene
Please call 713.528.2060 Czech Center Museum Houston to order the book.
Professor Jan Patocka of Charles University and Charter 77 member died March 13, 1977 of a brain hemorrhage Professor Jan Patockaafter a brutal eleven hour interrogation by the Czechoslovakian Communist Secret Police in Prague. Doctor Patocka was one of the three key architects and the spokesperson for Charter 77, a human rights document signed by Czechoslovakian students, intellectuals, and freedom loving Czechs. Professor Patocka, a phenomenologist, one who studies how we experience objects, was widely regarded by many as the greatest Czech philosopher since John Amos (Comenius) Komensky.
   Jan Patocka was born June 1, 1907 in Turnow, the third of four sons. His father was a sickly, but well known philologist, one who studies languages. His brother, Frantisek, was a microbiologist and physician who introduced the study of viruses in Czechoslovakia. Patocka attended Jan Neruda Grammar School in Prague, named after the famous writer and Czech patriot who was part of the Majovci, "May School" who sought to reintroduce the Czech as a literary language. Read more...
Reference CCMH Endowment for Perpetuity Fund Appeal 2014
You are welcome to view this organization's IRS Form 990 available on the Guidestar website. Note this organization's name on filing was the Czech Cultural and Community Center, which now does business as the Czech Center Museum Houston. Click this link.
Interested Members may also view financial records by appointment.
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Czech Language Online Daily  It would be impossible not to learn from these simple distinct lessons. Try it now! or
Good Reads Available at our Prague International Gift Shop:
Texas Czech Polka Bands by CCMH Members Jimmy Brosch with Theresa Cernoch Parker.
Rustic Baroque - A novel by Jiri Hajicek - Set in South Bohemia about a decade after the Velvet Revolution.
Border Crossings - A Memoir that Reads Like a Thriller! by Charles Novacek.
Prague, My Long Journey Home - by Charles Ota Heller. A memoir of Survival, Denial and Redemption, providing a window into one Czech American's experiences!
The Czech Pioneers of the Southwest by Dr. Henry R. Maresh - a must read for research of your genealogy.
Living Longer Than Hate - W. J. Bill Morgan's life, a Story of Survival and Success by C.S. Ragsdale, PhD.
Fields of Light, A Son Remembers His Heroic Father by CCMH Member Joseph Hurka.
For information on these books and to order, call: 713.528.2060 or visit our website.
2014 Calendar of Events
Thursday, April 10, 2014
Czech Center Museum Houston is proud to host the Dialogue Institute of the Southwest's Dinner of Abrahamic Traditions. April 10, 2014 from 6:30 - 8:30pm. Not only will you be able to meet people from different faiths and cultures, you will be able to listen to and interact with three distinguished speakers from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim backgrounds. Visit this website for tickets and information.
Saturday, April 26, 2014
Museum Experience Day including the Czech Center Museum Houston 10:00 to 4:00pm.
Monday, September 1, 2014
"Ten Year -Ten Million" Growing an Endowment for Perpetuity for future generations. A Museum to connect People to Heritage, History and the World
Celebrating the Opening of the Czech Center Museum Houston September 1, 2004 to the World, in the Museum District with special featured speakers, exhibits, and programs during the month of September.
RSVP to: 713.528.2060 or for more info.
Friday, September 5, 2014
Register Now! Join the Festivities! Coming Soon - The Apollo Chamber Players and European Folkscapes
Friday, September 5, 2014 - 7:30pm Prague Hall
Saturday, September 6, 2014
Tom Rowan, NASA Scientist/Engineer presents STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Math – Fun to learn for 9 to 12 year olds.
Saturday, October 25, 2014
Czech Oktoberfest
National Czech Slovak Day Democracy (October 28, 1918) First Republic
RSVP to: 713.528.2060 or for more info.
Monday, November 17, 2014
Remembering the Velvet Revolution End of Communism in Czechoslovakia in 1989 leading eventually to second Republic 1992.
RSVP to: 713.528.2060 or for more info.
Saturday, December 6, 2014
Saint Nicholas Eve Celebration with the Bishop, Angel, and Devil, A Holiday Dinner for friends, families, and children.
RSVP to: 713.528.2060 or for more info.
An Irish Toast: There are good ships, And there are wood ships, The ships that sail the sea, But the best ships are Friendships - And may they always be.
"Time goes by so fast; people go in and out of your life. You must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you." Anonymous

"Those that say that individuals are not capable of changing anything
are only looking for excuses."
Václav Havel

"To forget one's ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root."
Chinese and Czech Proverb

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