Piano in Brno Gallery near StaircaseAbout Czech Center Museum Houston

Who we are:


Established in 1995, the Czech Center Museum Houston (CCMH) is a 501[c][3] non-profit cultural arts organization, with no political or religious affiliation. The Center is based in Houston and was created to celebrate, share and promote the rich cultural abundance of a major Slavic ethnic group and their history. With a worldwide membership composed of members with multiple heritages, its museum and cultural center are considered essential resources for learning about one of our nation's diverse cultures and interwoven histories with others.


The goal of the Center is to continue to offer presentations of non-biased, non-political and non-religious events, resulting in a blend of harmonious experiences for people of all ethnicities interested in the culture of a group of Slavs that settled in the central region of Europe and in particular their connection with the Austro-Hungarian Empire out of which multiple nations have derived. For the past fourteen years, CCMH has continued to succeed with highly acclaimed programs to highlight 1,500 years of a group of people settling in central Europe, thanks to the thousands of volunteer hours and community support.


Receptionist DeskIn 2007, CCMH joined a group of eighteen museums in the Museum District of Houston to bring its cultural resources to focus on a rich cultural group that has settled in the United States and played a large part in the history of our nation. With Houston's multiple ethnic groups, which number over one hundred distinct cultures, there is a unique opportunity to explore Houston's communities and uncover connections among people of diverse cultural backgrounds. As one explores and gets to know its neighboring communities through their cultural organizations, you will uncover your cultural connections and deepen your appreciation of the value of your and this cultural diversity!


What can we do for you?


We hope to enlighten the general community by exposing the many diverse persons visiting the CCMH from around the world, where many functions are held, that are not just unique to the Slavic community to share with individuals of other cultures and providing an environment in which those of different ethnicities can come together and enjoy and learn about our diversity becoming a world citizen and more able to be a part of our Civil Society.


Ecumenical Wenceslas Chapel at sunsetWe are open to the general public offering a museum and gallery housing valuable paintings, artifacts, photography and sculpture, porcelain and crystal, and samples of folk arts in permanent and changing exhibitions. The facility includes a performance hall for concerts, lectures, educational forums and social events.


The library will focus on collections of historic and comtemporary volumes and current periodicals on topics of interest to the general public.


A unique feature of the new Czech Center Museum Houston is an ecumenical chapel for religious services, weddings and renewal of vows.


The Czech Center disseminates information regarding tourist and business opportunities to facilitate economic development between Texas, the United States and the Czech and Slovak Republics.